ReliefAid is an international humanitarian organisation with a vision of saving lives and alleviating suffering of people affected by armed conflict and natural disasters through independent and impartial humanitarian action.

Our work includes:

  • accessing conflict affected countries, such as Syria, where few aid agencies are able or willing to operate
  • providing life-saving aid, such as shelter materials (blankets, tarpaulins, cooking sets and children’s clothing), to families in war zones and those affected by natural disasters who otherwise wouldn’t receive any assistance
  • working directly on the ground, in the places aid is most needed and least accessible
  • supporting children in their education, providing hope for the future
  • mentoring the next generation of aid workers
  • speaking out on behalf of the men, women and children whose voices are often silenced by conflict or forgotten through inaccessibility

ReliefAid’s actions are driven by the principle of independence and impartiality. Our life-saving humanitarian action is provided on the basis of need, irrespective of religious and political beliefs, race and gender.

ReliefAid relies soley on private donations. We do not receive any funding from governmental sources and are a registered charity with the New Zealand Charities Commission.



Founder, Mike Seawright

Following a decade of experience working in conflict affected countries and frustrated by the inability of many aid organisations to get staff and resources into conflict zones, New Zealander Mike Seawright founded ReliefAid in late 2014.

Read and hear Mike in the media.


Why ReliefAid is effective

ReliefAid has the experience and networks to provide life-saving humanitarian assistance where it is most needed, in places where other aid organisations cannot or will not operate.

  • ReliefAid has proven experience in Syria – we have successfully provided humanitarian assistance within Syria since 2015.
  • We have proven experience in warzones – our staff have successfully delivered humanitarian assistance in Syria, Yemen, South Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Turkmenistan.
  • We have existing networks – we have the ability to immediately mobilise on-ground networks to reach those inaccessible to other aid organisations.
  • Direct action – we are directly involved in the delivery of our humanitarian assistance overseeing all operations.


Why war zones?

Despite fewer wars being experienced globally an intensification of violence has lead to a larger number of people being displaced from their homes.

It has been estimated that over 50 million people are currently displaced due to conflict with civilian populations overwhelmingly paying the price.

Those displaced are often isolated, vulnerable and without the services required for basic life support.

Support from the international community has in some cases provided relief but needs greatly outstrip the support being provided.

Our ‘Communities Under Fire’ appeal focuses on the distribution of shelter items to families brutally affected by the civil war inside Syria.


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