ReliefAid is a New Zealand founded charity specialising in delivering emergency humanitarian aid to families in conflict zones. We are currently delivering aid to families on the ground in Gaza, Ukraine, Syria and Afghanistan. Founded in late 2014 by Mike Seawright, ‘aid that cannot wait’ captures our DNA; we do whatever it takes to get aid to those who others cannot, or will not, reach.

ReliefAid in GAZA

Since November 2023, ReliefAid has been delivering life-saving aid to families caught in the crossfire of the conflict in Gaza. We started distributions of ready made meals, food packages and safe drinking water under fire in Northern Gaza and Khan Yunis. As the fighting intensified the situation became increasingly dangerous for our team, three of whom were killed in their homes in northern Gaza after returning from work. With Khan Yunis also under attack our team there, alongside a significant percentage of population, fled to Rafah in Southern Gaza.

In Rafah, ReliefAid’s team are distributing safe drinking water to families living in displacement camps. The water is sourced from bore holes and treated in Gaza eliminating the need to negotiate border access. With food supplies critically short within Gaza, ReliefAid have purchased food in Egypt for safe distribution to families in Gaza as border access allows.

Learn more about our work in Gaza here.

ReliefAid in UKRAINE

ReliefAid has been in Ukraine since the start of the conflict in February 2022, when our Founder Mike Seawright went to Ukraine to learn what help was needed. Our first aid delivery was a treacherous journey to get food into Bucha. Since then, our team of international and national staff have been working alongside volunteers to reach people who have been worst affected, including those still under fire living close to frontlines.

Our emergency deliveries in Ukraine have included food packages, hygiene kits, shelter materials, clothing, heaters, and solar lamps to people whose homes have been damaged or who have been displaced to collective centres. We have run school camps to bring support to children caught in the horrific war.

As the conflict presses on, ReliefAid continues to support families living in eastern Ukraine that remain under attack. We distribute medical supplies to the remaining medical centres caring for families. For those whose homes have suffered missile damage, our reconstruction project provides materials to effect repairs and make them habitable.

Learn more about our work in Ukraine here.

ReliefAid in SYRIA

ReliefAid has been delivering humanitarian aid in Syria since 2015. As years of civil war continue, Syria remains the largest displacement crisis in the world. Millions of men, women and children are now homeless, with many living in atrocious conditions and fearing for their lives every day. In this ongoing humanitarian crisis, needs are immense and greatly outstrip the limited support currently reaching Syrians inside the country.

ReliefAid have a national team who have worked with us from the start and who, despite their own displacement, are dedicated to helping families trapped in displacement camps. Each year, with the support of our partner ShelterBox, we run a large distribution of emergency shelter equipment and warm clothing to families. In addition to this ReliefAid currently have three other active programmes: ‘Fire for Life’ with our partner Escea, delivering cooking stoves to families who have no means to cook; ‘Bounce Back For Syria’, our education programme which supports children in camps where there is no access to schools; ‘Medical Support Programme’ providing support to people with chronic medical conditions.

Our team on the ground in Syria are well placed to respond to emergencies. For example, in the last few years they have distributed emergency aid to families impacted by flooding, unprecedented displacements due to airstrikes and the 2023 earthquakes. During the covid pandemic they undertook a medical screening programme in displacement camps.

Learn more about our work in Syria here.


Since 2021, ReliefAid has been providing vital humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan. Despite the immense challenges facing the region, our commitment to supporting the Afghan people and children remains unwavering. While Afghanistan seems to have fallen off the global radar, the need for aid persists.

ReliefAid has provided emergency food supplies to families suffering severe food insecurity. For example, we delivered food to those who sought safety in makeshift displacement camps in Kabul, as well as those who fled to remote mountain areas in Bamyan province. In 2023 after the earthquakes, we delivered aid to remote villages in Herat province. In addition, our ‘Wings to Learn’ programme provides education supplies and fuel for heating schools in Bamyan, along with school stationary for the children enabling them to make the best of the educational opportunities available to them and to learn through play.

Learn more about our work in Afghanistan here.