ReliefAid needs your help, we cannot do this alone.

Donate to the ReliefAid ‘Communities Under Fire’ appeal and you will help save the lives of families affected by the brutal civil war inside Syria.

Communities Under Fire

As the civil war continues with little hope of stopping, Syria is in a humanitarian crisis un-paralleled since World War II with millions of people homeless and living in life threatening conditions.

Help us to save lives and alleviate suffering of families much like our own:

  • $25 enables a family of 6 to receive life-saving aid
  • $1 donation allows ReliefAid to leverage $10 in material support
  • $50,000 enables 12,000 people to receive life-saving support

Donate Now

Donations can be made to our Give a Little page here.

Electronic payments can be made direct to the ReliefAid account:

Bank Name: ASB

Account Name: ReliefAid

Account Number: 12-3019-0021294-00

Bank Address: 12 Jellicoe Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Remittance Description: please specify your name or the name of the event only, this helps us know where donations have come from.

If you would like a receipt, please include your email address in the description or let us know by email: [email protected]



ReliefAid is a registered charity with the New Zealand Charities Commission (CC51254) and is an approved donee organisation by the Inland Revenue Department.

If you are a tax resident in New Zealand donors are eligible to claim a tax credit for donations of $5 or more.