ReliefAid speaks out on behalf of the men, women and children whose voices are often silenced by conflict or inaccessibility.

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RNZ: “It’s a Catch 22: How dangerous is it getting into Ukraine?”

ReliefAid’s Communications Director, Anne Bulley, speaks on RNZ’s “The Detail” about her recent trip to Ukraine. “It’s a catch-22 isn’t it?” says Bulley. “Because if you would never put an aid worker into a war zone that means you’d never take humanitarian aid in which actually means that so many more people would die.”   … Continued

RNZ: Ukrainians in NZ keen to celebrate Christmas despite war back home

RNZ highlights how Christmas is starkly different this year, featuring one of our incredible team members, Sofia, who is on the ground in Ukraine. “I think there’s a huge community spirit here – the help people give their neighbours and rebuilding in these tough conflict conditions.” -Sofia, ReliefAid Ukraine Team Member Click here to read … Continued

RNZ: ReliefAid on the ground in Ukraine

ReliefAid’s Founder and Executive Director, Mike Seawright, speaks on RNZ Sunday Morning speaking on all he has seen in Ukraine in the wake of recent missile strikes, harsh winter conditions and the work ReliefAid doing in response. “They’re still bearing the scars of what happened before and what they’re living through now… But what’s really … Continued

NZ Herald: From Eltham to Ukraine

With a recipe and a story of giving which began during World War, our Communications Director, Anne, arrived in Ukraine with a special kiwi gift of Gingernuts from The Old Eltham Post Office, showing the support of those far and wide. “We are able to be the go-between where needed, to bring things into Ukraine … Continued

From Taranaki with love

  Comms Director, Anne Bulley, speaks on her recent trip to Ukraine, delivering Gingernuts from New Zealand along with emergency winter aid. “Physical help is really important, but there’s also the psychological side, letting them know that amidst all the destruction, there are people in the world wanting to help.” Click here to read the … Continued